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BattleStrength Adult CG Artwork

"There are you… I'm happy to see you here with me… Do you want me to take a peek inside? There are monsters and men who are looking for cute girls like me… We'll have to be really careful… This large site has much to offer in 3D erotic art galleries. In a SciFi setting, a wide variety of erotic art galleries, erotic picture series and some of the hottest XXX comics is waiting for you to view. These sexy ladies are in peril and prey to men and creatures alike.

The girl has no way to resist when strapped down on a table to be used in some terrible experiment. Hot women done in dazzling 3D art find themselves as breeding stock for aliens. This alien sex comes in the form of erotic art galleries. shivers… Hold on tight to me… You can find an interesting rendition of the Kama Sutra showing some of the best positions for having sex with your alien lover. These women are being used as sex toys and breeding stock. In one really hot adult comic, Sara finds out just what it feels like to be taken prisoner of aliens interested in using the sexy woman for breeding. She tries to resist the mind control but the aliens overpower her. When her mind clears, the young woman finds herself in an alien laboratory where her body is prepared for impregnation. Sara fights the best she can but the aliens are powerful. She's going to fall to them sooner or later. The aliens will take her mind. shivers… That's so scary… I-I think its time for me to go… There's lots to see in this large site… I hope you liked this little sample… I'll see you again soon… I hope… Bye for now…"


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