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"Face Hugger Pic 1" 2002

Recreating a famous scene inspired by Alien. The alien hugger is from

"Face Hugger Pic 2" 2002

Recreating a famous scene inspired by Alien. The alien hugger is from

"Face Hugger Pic 3" 2002

Recreating a famous scene inspired by Alien. The alien hugger is from

"Alien Birth"

Early days work from 2002, well if goes in it's gotta come out!

"Alien Birth 2"

Another sample from my early work. She just does not care what she's giving birth to!

"Alien Creation"

More early work, wanted to try and give the idea that the creature was spreading inside her body.

"Deep Throat"

Early work. Taking a blowjob to a all new level!


Early work. Saw this film where the woman had a light beam on her face and she couldn't move... inspired to have a go!

"Alien Impregnation"

I think this was the 2nd pic I ever did... so long ago, in galaxy far, far... you get the picture.


Insipred by the long lost poser reprogram series

"Alien Kiss"

Early work from 2002. Wanted to try and get the impression that the breeding tube was going right down her throat... OUCH!

"Alien Birth 3"

A Daz gift from a friend, he wanted a lone woman waiting to give birth in the mad lab. Thanks for the gift!

"Impregnation Failure"

The 3rd pic from my very early days. The big question is how do they get the dead alien out, and do they care?

"Impregnation Failure 2"

Early work again, pic number 4.

"Alien Exam"

This is more like a test for aliens, do they pass the impregnation exam at college?

"Alien Eggs 2" 2004

Newer work, wanted it to appear that the egg had been deposited... again OUCH!

"Alien Eggs" 2004

You know what's going to happen...

"Alien Hold" 2004

Trying out new models and textures, does she really want to turn around until he's finished?

"Black Hole"

Inspired by the Black Hole film and Nightcrawler who gave me the idea. Cheers pal.

"Alien Caught"

In space no one can hear you cum...?


Early work. This inspired me to do the Area 51 series.

"Alien Pool"

Wanted to make out she was getting brain washed as well as impregnated in alien fluid.

"Egg Laying"

Early work, and very popular by fans. This gives you a insight as the egg slowly travels from host to another.

"Operation 51"

First attempt at the Area 51 series, then realised we don't have robots... do we?

"Alien Offering" 2004

Suprising a piece of artwork I was happy with, shame it didn't win the compo I went in for - never mind!

"Alien Offering 2"

Continues from number 1, I still prefer the first one.

"The Pit"

Early work... Alien inspired

"The Pit 1"

Another alien inspired render.

"The Pit 2"

Another alien inspired render. Stand back she's going to burst!

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